20 Songs About Winning

For anyone that has ever been in a competition, you know what it is like to have the car or bus blasting with music to really get everyone in the mood. Crank up the volume, these 20 songs are sure to keep that winning vibe alive!

What everyone needs is a playlist with all of the songs about winning that gives that ego a boost, that gives everyone that extra zest to say we are not going to settle for second, we are going to win, win, and win!

1. “We Are The Champions” by Queen

It is impossible to miss one of Queen’s most prominent songs about winning. This song doesn’t scream at you with intense beats, instead, it swoops in with a mellow melody, making you feel part of something bigger. Queen reminds us, even amidst stumbles and falls, to keep fighting the good fight because in the end, we are the champions of our own world.

2. “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen

Ever felt the invincible power of having someone who’s got your back, no matter what? Starship encapsulates this sentiment in “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” This uplifting track is a testament to the power of shared dreams and unwavering support. When the world throws challenges and you’re labeled an outcast, having a partner by your side makes you feel invincible, ready to conquer any dream.

3. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship

Ever felt the invincible power of having someone who’s got your back, no matter what? Starship encapsulates this sentiment in “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” This uplifting track is a testament to the power of shared dreams and unwavering support. When the world throws challenges and you’re labeled an outcast, having a partner by your side makes you feel invincible, ready to conquer any dream.

4. “Triumph” by Oliver Heldens, Julian Calor

Feeling a bit sluggish? Let “Triumph” pull you into the winning mood. This captivating track starts slow, gradually building momentum until it hits you with an infectious beat drop and a surprising string section. It’s the perfect track to take you from being a wallflower to the life of the party, all the while amplifying your desire to achieve victory.

5. “One Moment In Time” by Whitney Houston

To truly understand the feeling of winning, Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” hits all the right notes. This song captures the bliss of being acknowledged for your accomplishments, letting you savor that one moment when you’re at the top of the world. It’s a beautiful reminder to seize your moment and let that winning feeling soak in.

6. “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey

Winners can come from anywhere and that is exactly what Journey illustrates with the beautiful lyrics of this song. You could be a girl from a small town or a boy raised in South Detroit, it doesn’t matter. What makes the difference is the ability to hold on to the dream, or as Journey would sing, hold on to that feeling because that is the fuel you will need to climb to the top.

7. “Exactly” by Amy Steinberg

For the unshakeable believers who know they’re on the right track, Amy Steinberg’s “Exactly” is your go-to anthem. Steinberg’s confident vocals are a melodic testament to the courage of standing by your choices. Champions understand the thrill and the cost of risks, knowing that no matter how off-course they might seem, the universe always aligns them back to their destined path.

8. “Paths Of Victory” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s “Paths Of Victory” reminds us that not every victory has to be a deafening roar. Sometimes, victories are hushed whispers that echo in the chambers of the heart, filling us with a profound sense of achievement. Dylan’s music captures the essence of endurance, the grit that distinguishes the contenders from the champions.

9. “The Only Way Is Up” by Martin Garrix, Tiesto

Need a morale booster? Listen to “The Only Way Is Up” by the power duo Martin Garrix and Tiesto. This song is a testament to rising from the ashes and looking upwards.

It’s special not just because of its invigorating beats but because of the winning collaboration between the established Tiesto and the fresh talent of Garrix. It’s a win-win, both for them and for the listeners who are ready to groove to the beat of success.

10. “We Will Rock You” by Queen

What a banger this song is – it is practically impossible to keep from clapping your hands or stomping your feet once Mercury sings “we will, we will rock you”. This song stands the test of time because that beat is steady and yet creates a focus that says it doesn’t matter. You can and you will become who you are meant to be as long as you keep making noise!

11. “Hall Of Fame” by The Script (Featuring will.i.am)

For the days when self-doubt creeps in, switch on “Hall Of Fame” by The Script and will.i.am. This uplifting track reiterates that you can be the best, as long as you believe and push your limits. It’s a tribute to those who strive for greatness, yearning to etch their names in the annals of history. A song that’s all about being a winner, in every sense of the word.

12. “Victory” by Megadeth

No matter what or who gets in your way, you have to endure. It will be hard because no one said victories are made to be easy. There are a few people who have been remembered and that is what this song is about. When you break your limits, endure that pain, endure that knife through your heart, you are bound to come out victorious.

13. “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen

Embodying the invincible spirit of a true victor, Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” sings about resilience in the face of adversity. Sure, the title suggests someone’s bowed out, but that’s not Mercury’s style. The song radiates the iron-willed determination of a fighter who bounces back after every fall, the quintessence of a winner’s mentality.

14. “Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good” is a heady celebration of success and the fruits it bears. Savoring his hard-earned luxuries, Walsh knows there’s no shame in enjoying the view from the top. Though his fame might’ve added a bit of sparkle, he remains grounded. This track is a toast to the good life, reserved for those who’ve dared to chase their dreams and conquered.

15. “Heroes” by David Bowie

You do not have to be a winner for all your life. Sometimes all you need is one great day to be a hero. Maybe the odds are stacked against you, maybe your dreams seem far-fetched, but why not take the plunge? Who knows, you might become a hero, if only for a day. This track inspires the spirit of taking a leap of faith, that one daring move that could turn the tides.

16. “Killin It” by Krewella

A sonic cocktail of bass, dubstep, and drums, Krewella’s “Killin It” is the ultimate party mix. This track is the perfect mood-booster, whispering to listeners that they have the winning potential within them if they could only conquer their fears. Adopt the predator mindset, and you might just claw your way to the apex of the competition.

17. “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas

There’s something about Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” that just screams “great night ahead.” This infectious track almost prophesies a night to remember. The lyrics might have been teased for including days of the week, but hey, isn’t a feel-good tune about soaking up every moment of joy exactly what we all need?

18. “Unstoppable” by Sia

For anyone that has ever felt people doubt them but have kept going on because they believed in themselves, this song has lyrics to express the emotion. Sia is easily calling out the doubters and the naysayers by saying those who persevere are the real winners.

Those who become unstoppable are unstoppable because they push on and that is what winners are – they keep going on even when things get tough.

19. “You’re The Best” by Joe Esposito

This soundtrack came from the Karate Kid so of course, you know it is going to be something unforgettable! Esposito’s iconic song captures the struggle, the refusal to give in, the fiery tenacity of a fighter. So awaken that inner beast, keep pushing, and claim your place at the summit!

20. “We’re A Winner” by The Impressions

Never let negativity derail your journey to greatness. The Impressions’ “We’re A Winner” serves as a potent reminder – you are who you choose to be. Like all the leaders you look up to, shrug off the criticism and keep striving.

People may scoff at your ambitions, but as long as you’re moving, you’re moving up. Remember, you’re a winner, and no one can take that from you.

Final Thoughts

These masterpieces create an invincible mood of victory, sparking euphoria or honing focus towards a shared goal. Whether it’s a cathartic scream, a blood-rushing anthem, or a mind-sharpening melody, these tunes are tailored for champions. No matter what, they’ve got your back as you’re about to conquer the world!