20 Songs With Gold in the Title

More than just the precious metal that has captivated humanity for generations, gold is a symbol of endurance, rarity, beauty, and sometimes, deep affection. Here are 20 glittering with songs about gold, serving up much more than just material wealth.

Gold’s not just about glittering jewelry – it spins tales of love, life, and everything in between. These tracks aren’t just worth their weight in gold, they are musical gold!

1. “Glitter and Gold” by The Turtles

Up first, we have an iconic track that, while sounding regal, paints a story of love that’s more than just the glitz and glam. The Turtles’ “Glitter and Gold” isn’t just a catchy tune; it’s a lyrical testament that love transcends the material allure of shimmering baubles and sparkly things.

In their soulful lyrics, love is a warm, comforting feeling that can’t be bought or sold. And behind these love notes? A lady love whose charm outshines all the glitter and gold combined.

2. “Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys

Next up is “Gold on the Ceiling” by The Black Keys, a song that’s caused some head-scratching about its true meaning. Some folks think it’s about godly stuff, while others reckon it’s about the dark side, like addiction. That’s the cool part about music, though – it can mean different things to different people. It’s up to you to find your own groove in it!

3. “Gold Rush” by Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie’s “Gold Rush” hits a different note, mixing upbeat rhythms with a longing for the past. This song is all about how much we miss places that hold our memories. It’s like each place is a personal gold mine, filled with rich, nostalgic moments. Pretty neat, huh?

4. “Gold” by Spandau Ballet

“Gold” by Spandau Ballet is up next, and this is one that really hits you in the feels. The song reminds us that no matter how tough things get, as long as you’re kind, you’re like gold—strong and valuable. This hit from Spandau Ballet inspires many with its powerful message of kindness.

5. “Gold Skies” by Martin Garrix ft. Sander van Doorn, DVBBS, Aleesia

Next, we’ve got “Gold Skies” by Martin Garrix and friends.This song shows us that our memories are what makes us who we are. These are the precious moments that shape our lives, and keeping them alive makes our life’s journey more meaningful. So here’s to cherishing the golden moments under the sky!

6. “Weight in Gold” by Gallant

Gallant’s “Weight in Gold” builds up to an epic vocal climax that’ll give you chills. His message? Stress and pressure are like carrying your weight in gold – it’s heavy, burdensome, and not as glamorous as it sounds. Society might have set these gold standards, but sometimes they’re just too hard to bear.

7. “Heart of Gold” by Kelly Llorrena

“Heart of Gold” by Kelly Llorenna is all about loving someone who’s genuinely amazing. When she talks about a ‘heart of gold,’ she’s talking about a person who’s so kind, it almost feels too good to be true. This song is all about that bittersweet feeling of loving someone who might deserve better, even if letting them go breaks your heart.

8. “Golden” by Kylie Minogue

Up next is pop queen Kylie Minogue with “Golden,” a powerful anthem of self-ownership. This tune defies ageism and insists that your worth is defined by your actions, not your years. Keep living your best life, keep following your heart, and you’ll stay ‘golden’ no matter your age.

9. “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac

The haunting “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac is believed by many fans to be about the destructive allure of drugs, specifically cocaine. The song’s ‘she’ might not be a person but the alluring, yet deadly drug. It’s a harsh reminder of how drugs can create and shatter illusions, and a poignant song about the struggle of addiction.

10. “Band of Gold” by Frida Payne

“Band of Gold” by Freda Payne is a heart-wrenching song about loss. The band of gold she refers to is a wedding ring, a stark symbol of someone dearly departed. This tune takes you on a heartbreaking journey of love and loss, reminiscing about the good times and struggling with the reality of never seeing that person again. This song had people all over the world reaching for tissues when it came out, and it’s easy to see why.

11. “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro

Diving in with “Black and Gold,” Sam Sparro gets us all thinking. Is the ‘you’ he refers to a lover or God? Regardless, the song touches on the universal fear of loss. Sparro makes you ask, if your world crumbles, will anything else matter? The song beautifully highlights how losing someone pivotal can leave the universe seeming a bit duller.

12. “House of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots

“House of Gold” by Twenty One Pilots asks what the good life really means. Is a ‘house of gold’ literal wealth, or is it love, care, and respect? This heartfelt tune, that seems like a conversation between a mother and son, beautifully explores the idea of family love being worth more than gold.

13. “Gold” by Kiiara

Up next is Kiiara with “Gold,” a tune that screams self-confidence. Flaunting her success (or gold in her teeth, as she puts it), she doesn’t need anyone’s approval anymore. She’s moved past the point of seeking validation, and it’s a powerful message to anyone who’s been doubted or put down.

14. “Sister Golden Hair” by America

America’s “Sister Golden Hair” dives into the complexities of love. It’s about being stuck in that limbo of loving someone but fearing the commitment. It’s a song that captures that push and pull of wanting to dive in, yet fearing the deep end – a feeling many of us can relate to.

15. “Golden Ring” by George Jones & Tammy Wynette

Closing out our golden playlist is “Golden Ring” by George Jones & Tammy Wynette. It’s a cyclical song, spinning a story of love that begins with optimism but gradually sours. They tell a story of a couple, their golden rings symbolizing the ups and downs of their relationship. It’s a poignant reminder of how the shiny start of love can sometimes lose its luster.

16. “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young

Up next, we’ve got Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”. This song talks about relentlessly chasing the good in life. It’s like saying, “Yeah, I’m getting older, but that’s not gonna stop me from searching for what’s golden in this world.” Young’s constant quest for self-improvement and making the world a better place makes this track an inspiring listen.

17. “Fields of Gold” by Sting

Love can be as stunning as golden fields under a sunny sky. Sting paints this picture in his hit, “Fields of Gold”. It’s a sweet song, a little cheeky, picturing the sun getting all jealous of the love story happening under its warm gaze. Even if promises get broken, the enduring love between two people remains unscathed. That’s real gold, people!

18. “Gold” by Chet Faker

Chet Faker is up next with “Gold,” an honest exploration of love’s complexities. The song reflects on how every love story is unique and the difficulty of replicating the same feelings with someone new. Like Faker says, love without the element of ‘gold’, or authenticity, isn’t really worth it.

19. “Gold Guns Girls” by Metric

In the age of constant want, Metric’s “Gold Guns Girls” calls out materialism. The track begs the question: can we ever be satisfied with material things, or are we seeking something more abstract, like genuine connections? It’s a bold statement wrapped up in a catchy tune.

20. “New Gold Dream” by Simple Minds

Closing out our list is the enchanting “New Gold Dream” by Simple Minds. It’s not just hypnotic to listen to – the lyrics spark curiosity too. The numbers mentioned in the song? They might be a nod to the band’s golden years. It’s like stepping into a shared dream, reliving the moments of triumph together.

Final Thoughts

How artists define gold will forever be changing but that does not mean it is a bad thing! These golden tracks aren’t just catchy – they invite us to reflect on the many facets of life. After all, it’s in these diverse interpretations of ‘gold’ that we get a richer understanding of the human experience.