20 Songs With Train in the Title

Ever noticed how the rhythm of a train chugging along the tracks seems to sync perfectly with a catchy beat? There’s something hypnotic about it, a constant melody interwoven into the fabric of our daily hustle. Maybe that’s why trains have been a favorite theme among some musicians.

Trains can take you to new experiences and adventures. If you have wondered if there are any songs about trains, here are 20 great songs with the word train in the title for you to listen to and enjoy!

1. “Midnight Train To Georgia” by Gladys Knight

This song from the 1970s is a soulful song about the love a woman has for her man. He wants to leave to pursue his singing career in a different part of the country, leaving on a “midnight train to Georgia”. She joins him in his journey because she will follow him anywhere.

2. “Memphis Train” by Rufus Thomas

An upbeat funky jazz song, “Memphis Train” is about a man waiting at the station for his train and getting more impatient. As time goes on, he is still left waiting, even after other trains have come and gone.

3. “Night Train” by Jason Aldean

This country song by Jason Aldean is filled with the actions of love between two lovers. The duo sneaks out at night to enjoy each other’s company in a secret spot no one knows about while they listen to the sound of the train passing by in the night.

4. “Jump That Train” by Foghat

A popular rock song from the late 1990s, “Jump That Train” by Foghat is about taking your chance before you miss it, especially in the case of riding in train cars where you need to jump in time or you can miss your opportunity for a free ride as the train passes you by.

5. “All Night Train” by The Allman Brothers Band

“All Night Train” is about a man looking to escape from his troubles. He finds it by riding a train around the city all night. His doctor says this is negatively affecting his health, but he doesn’t plan to stop riding it all night, every night until he has no money left and his troubles are gone.

6. “The Train Song” by Nick Cave

A song filled with longing for a love that has left, “The Train Song” by Nick Cave is sure to remind anyone of the love that left them as they listen to it. This soulful song asks how long the train has been gone, how many coaches were on the train, and just how his love was when they left on the train without him. 

7. “Train Wreck” by James Arthur

“Train Wreck” by James Arthur is a desperate plea for help from anyone to help them get through their life, to pick up the pieces, to pull them out of the trainwreck they’ve found themselves in. If you’re struggling, feeling as though you’re stuck in a trainwreck in your life, you will understand the feelings James Arthur conveys in his lyrics and intense vocals.

8. “Trains” by Al Stewart

Written in the early 1990s, “Trains” by Al Stewart is about the passing of life, the loss of innocence, and the hardships one endures in difficult times. This song uses trains and railroad tracks as a connecting point.

It tells the story of life, starting as an innocent child going through life, leading to recruitment in the army, going to war, enduring hardships, loss, and horror, and then eventually with life ending as a lonely old man seen by no one.

9. “Lord Of The Trains” by Tom Russell

“Lord of the Trains” is about the end of an era when coach cars were introduced and train cabooses were removed. The time of hobos found itself coming to a sudden stop. This song goes over the story of a hobo who calls himself the Lord of the Trains, as he is most likely one of the last hobos, even if there are no more cabooses for him to ride in.

10. “Big Black Train” by Flatt & Scruggs

This next song tells a short tale of heartbreak. The singer’s partner had promised to be there for him and support him, but only lied and cheated, so he hopped on a freight train headed far away. He felt that if they wanted to be with him, they had better hop on the train because otherwise, this was goodbye.

11. “Girl On A Train” by Skizzy Mars

Skizzy Mars sings passionately in this song about love at first sight as he sees a girl on the train and finds himself infatuated, wondering what she’s listening to, what she likes, and if she would like him. He finds himself heartbroken as her stop comes and she leaves without him having talked to her. Her departure makes him feel like he missed his chance at love.

12. “Peace Train” by Cat Steven

Written in 1971, “Peace Train” is an enriching song during a time when hope was needed. The song sings about being on the edge of darkness and finding yourself riding the Peace Train, inviting everyone else to join you on the train in an effort to make the world a better place.

The 1960s and early 1970s were filled with war, violence, and protest, so it comes as no surprise to find people trying to make a more peaceful place for one another to live in safely.

13. “Bullet Train” by Judas Priest

“Bullet Train” by the popular metal band Judas Priest received a Grammy nomination but lost to Metallica. The meaning of this song has long been speculated, but it seems the meaning shall remain a mystery. The song itself suggests it is about someone experiencing something so overwhelming it feels as though a bullet train is going through their brain and shattering all their thoughts.

14. “Train In Vain” by The Clash

This is an upbeat song about someone grieving the loss of their relationship. Their partner said they loved them and would always stand by them, yet said they felt trapped and left. This leaves the one grieving in need of a new place to stay, a new job, and new clothes. They feel only confusion, betrayal, and loss.

15. “Just Missed The Train” by Kelly Clarkson

Country queen Kelly Clarkson brings us the tale of a missed opportunity in “Just Missed the Train.” This isn’t your typical train story. It’s a nocturnal ballad for two lovers, stranded after missing their ride. Tucked together on a bench, they’re lost, plan-less, and cloaked in the uncertainty of the night.

16. “New Ways / Train Train” by Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck delivers a narrative in two acts with “New Ways / Train Train.” Part one echoes the frustration of a young man who craves change and yearns for recognition. Part two chronicles his hopeful journey aboard a train to an unknown destination, a fresh start promising better days. This layered song strikes a chord with listeners seeking change.

17. “Come On Train” by Don Thomas

Don Thomas invites us to embark on a late-night journey with his jazz-infused track “Come On Train.” This tale of a travel-weary man, waiting for a 2 a.m. train ride back to the love of his life, exudes both longing and soulful anticipation. Its smooth rhythms mirror the gentle sway of a late-night train, transporting listeners across cities and emotions.

18. “Train Kept A Rollin” by Aerosmith

Aerosmith, the rock legends, offer an intriguing tale of chance encounters in “Train Kept A Rollin.” It narrates a magnetic attraction between two strangers on a lengthy train ride. The tension between desire and restraint is palpable, with the vocalist yearning for the journey to continue indefinitely. This electrifying song has left audiences captivated, mirroring the exhilarating rush of a high-speed locomotive.

19. “Sleeper Train” by America

The longing yet hopeful thoughts of a man on a journey to somewhere he doesn’t know are recalled for the listener in “Sleeper Train”. The man sings about how he thinks of the one he loves as he looks out the window, and even though he is leaving his life behind, he still thinks of his love and sees the beauty pass by outside his window.

20. “Downbound Train” by Bruce Springsteen

Closing our list is Bruce Springsteen’s “Downbound Train,” an allegorical narrative of despair and redemption. Its protagonist, grappling with job loss and a broken relationship, likens his life to a downward spiral, a downbound train. Despite his darkness, he clings to a resolution to emerge victorious from his personal abyss. This profoundly emotional song underscores the tenacious human spirit.

Final Thoughts

Each of these train-titled tracks offers a unique narrative, accompanying listeners through various life situations. Whether you’re awaiting a train, nursing a broken heart, or merely reminiscing, these songs provide the perfect soundtrack for your personal journey. After all, life, like a train, is all about the ride!