20 Songs With Purple in the Title

The color purple has a rich history with many symbols. This shade is considered rare and powerful since the Middle Ages and is used to represent royal blood and other aristocracies. Purple is a color for authority and prestige.

In terms of spirituality, this hue stands for fantasy and creativity. It is often associated with playfulness, youth, diversity, and extravagance. On a sadder note, purple also could mean impracticality, immaturity, and mourning. Due to its diverse affiliations, many songs with purple in the title have been made. Listed below are several lovely melodies that feature this majestic color.

1. “Purple Haze” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

This awesome song was released in 1967 and was the second single from the album The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This tune is praised for its signature and innovative guitar playing.

The melody is a mix of eastern influences and blues that make a great sound. The lyrics of the song are a bit ambiguous but if you listen carefully, there seems to be a mix of sorrow and hurt because the color purple is associated with mourning.

2. “Purple Snowflakes” by Marvin Gaye

Purple Snowflakes are unconventional, but Marvin Gaye used this to symbolize the love of two people. The lyrics imply that the lovers seem to be enjoying winter in each other’s arms.

The color purple represents youth and playfulness, it can be assumed that the couple in the song are still young though age doesn’t matter when you are in love. Love is magical and it will comfort you and keep you cozy even in the cold winter months.

3. “The Witch Doctor Meets The Purple People Eater” by The Big Bopper

This 1999 rock and roll song has a lengthy title and a whimsical narrative. The lyrics tell the story whereby the Witch Doctor has a guitar with him and decides to show his prowess to the Purple People Eater. The latter appreciates the talents of the guitarist. The two personalities decide to have lots of fun with music.

4. “Purple Heather” by Van Morrison

This 1973 folk song is a lengthy listen of over five minutes. However, it is full of fun with one too many charming vibes. The lyrics imply a shift of the weather from summer to most likely fall. It is when the color of leaves change.

The feelings of love remain the same despite the change in weather. The recording is praised by fans for its beautiful piano parts. If you are one of those who love playing the piano, you might want to give this a listen.

5. “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley

This 1958 novelty pop song is short but lovely and managed to bag first place in the Billboards pop charts from June 9 to July 14, 1958. It also made waves in the Australian and UK charts.

The song is about the Purple People Eater who is described as a flying one-eyed and one-horned creature, and to add to the story, has an appetite for purple people. It is up for debate if it is about people in power but regardless of the debate, this song was a sure-shot commercial success.

6. “Purple Heather” by Rod Stewart

Purple Heather is a masterpiece by iconic singer Rod Stewart. This pop song was released in 1995 under A Spanner in the Works album.

It is a tribute to the original work by Van Morrison and the lyrics were kept like the original but feature the color of Rod’s exceptional music prowess. It would be fun to compare the adaptation to the original and judge which suits your taste best!

7. “Deep Purple” by Donny and Marie Osmond

This 1976 pop song is one of the most loved melodies by Donny and Marie Osmond. Paying attention to the lyrics, it talks about the deep love between two people.

The lovers share the same set of dreams and their feelings are very deep-rooted. This one is a very romantic song that all love enthusiasts would enjoy listening to. 

8. “Purple Reindeer” by Steve Altman

What do you recall whenever you see or hear the word reindeer? Santa and his crew of course! The joy these thoughts bring to every child is unmeasurable.

The melody talks about the anticipation of seeing Santa with a Purple Reindeer. Why the preference? Reindeers are majestic creatures, and incorporating more fantasy into them is fun.

9. “Purple Stain” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

This alternative rock number from the late 1990s is in the iconic Californication album. The inspiration for the song purple stain is from usual things ranging from the hair dye women use to the stain marks left by a menstrual period. Creative minds can turn the ordinary into an amazing hit song.

10. “Purple Rain” by Prince

This 1984 rock song from Prince is so good you will not notice it lasts more than eight minutes. One of the most popular tunes by Prince, this one is deemed as his crowning glory.

A proof of its domination is when the legend succumbed to rest, this melody rose to first place on the iTunes charts in the US and UK. That is the power and majesty of Purple Rain. The color does represent music royalty and the artist Prince is no less than one.

11. “Pale Purple” by Ani DiFranco

The world can be a gruesome place and some people struggle to make a decent living. That is the thought process behind the rock song Pale Purple. It graphically describes the difficulties of being on the short end of the stick. Pale Purple aims to touch the conscience of the audience.

12. “Purple Sky” by Kid Rock

This pop-rock tune from 2010 shows Kid Rock still has a strong foothold in the music industry. It talks about an individual professing love to their partner. The aspirations are for the long term and the beautiful lyrics portray this sweet thought in the most melodious manner. 

13. “Voices Green And Purple” by The Bees

The short garage rock song is from Pebbles, Volume 3 album. The melody is described as psychedelic and very unique. There is an implication of alien encounters. Whether the experience is real or not, the narrator in the song remembers it vividly and it kind of makes you wonder, are they real?

14. “A Man in a Purple Dress” by The Who

This rock song released in 2006 is from the Endless Wire album. It talks about a religious leader who is being too self-righteous. People in the clergy are seen in high regard and that is why appropriate behaviors are expected from them.

15.” Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello

This punk rock song is from GypsyP Punks: Underdog World Strike album released in 2005 and is inspired by a real-life story. Gogol Bordello’s frontman Eugene Hutz said this tune is about a neighbor he once had, an old lady who loved to wear purple from head to toe.

16. “Purple Kisses” by The-Dream

This R&B song from the album Love/Hate was released in 2007 and makes for a soulful listen. It features a man and a woman having intimate conversations. They are implied to be attracted and possibly have feelings for each other and the sensual descriptions give it a sexy vibe.

17. “Purple Rain” by Etta James

This blues song was released in 2006 and is included in the album The Essential Etta James. A rendition of Prince’s iconic song Purple Rain, this tine is a unique interpretation of the rock to the blues genre. The soulful cover features smooth and honey-like vocals that give the song a new flavor.

18. “Biff the Friendly Purple Bear” by Mac Davis

This country tune is sung by no less than the beloved Mac Davis. It tells the tale of Biff the Friendly Purple Bear and a young boy enjoying the playfulness of youth. The narrative depicts the imaginative world of a child and is relatable to everyone because it severs as a reminder of how fun childhood is.

19. “Purple Stuff [Remix]” by Big Moe

This hip hop and rap number was released in 2004 under the album Purple World. This song talks about Purple Stuff and seems to refer to wine and liquors. Well, it is ok to indulge in some of these once in and while as long as you remember to keep it in moderation always.

20. “Purple Rain” by Dwight Yoakam


Here is another Purple Rain rendition. This time it is from Dwight Yoakum and is the country music’s take on the legendary song of Prince and is featured in the twelve-song collection Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars.

Final Thoughts

The color purple has a lot of meaning for various artists. It is undeniable that it inspires many from a wide range of themes and the intensity and creativity move the heart of the listener. Whatever you have chosen, we hope this musical journey made you smile!