20 Songs With the Name Ava in the Title

1. “Ava” by Famy

The first song on the list is “Ava” by the folk-rock band Famy. It was released in 2014 under the album “We Fam Econo”. The lyrics of the song are about the struggles of moving on from a loved one.

2. “Ava” by Cœur de Pirate 

The second song is “Ava” by a French-Canadian singer Cœur de Pirate which was released in 2016. This can be a song you can bop to if you’re a fan of R&B music. The lyrics narrate about leaving a woman alone so she can focus on improving herself.

3. “Ava” by Pip Millett 

Another song entitled “Ava” was sung by the singer-songwriter, Pip Millett. It was released in 2020 as part of her debut EP “Lost In June”. It has an empowering message about how to conquer your unstable emotions and problems you don’t share with others.

4. “AVA” by 6ix9ine 

6ix9ine also has a song called “AVA” which was released just last year, 2020. It is a rap song with lyrics that are not appropriate for all audiences. The meaning of the song is about the rapper’s life and how he does not care about what people think of him.

5. “Ava” by Let’s Eat Grandma 

Another one on the list is “Ava” by Let’s Eat Grandma. It is an indie-pop song that was released in 2018 under the album “I’m All Ears”. It’s about being in a toxic relationship and how it feels to finally be free from it.

6. “AVA” by Gemma Griffiths 

Gemma Griffiths is a Zimbabwean singer and she has a song called “AVA” which became available on all music platforms just this year, 2022. It is sung in a mix of two languages: Shona, which is her native language, and English.

7. “Ava” by Senses (feat. Karasu) 

This song is a little different from the rest because it is an instrumental track. It was produced by Senses and features the artist Karasu. It was released in 2019 and has a very mellow and relaxed vibe to it.

8. “Ava” by Darlingside 

Another song on the list is sung by Darlingside. It was released in 2012 under the album “Pilot Machines”. It’s a mixture of rock, indie, and folk genres and the lyrics are about how we should cherish the time we have with loved ones because they will eventually be gone.

9. “AvA” by The Pretty Littles 

The Pretty Littles is an Australian rock band and they have a song called “AvA”. It was released in 2015 under the album “Gospel”. The song is about how the childhood trauma with his stepmother messed with his mental health as an adult.

10. “Ava” by Pelicat 

This song was just released this year, 2022, and it is by the Norweigan band, Pelican. It is an indie-pop song with a very catchy chorus. It’s all about how fame can change a person’s perspective and how they see the world.

11. “Ava” by The Hanging Stars 

The Hanging Stars is a British country-folk band and they released a song called “Ava” just this year under the album “Hollow Heart”. The band is composed of 5 members and they have upcoming gigs in the UK in May 2022.

12. “Ava” by LE SON 

LE SON is a French singer and she released a song called “Ava” in 2017. It has a very dreamy and ethereal vibe to it. The lyrics are repetitive but it’s all about finding a girl named Ava.

13. “Ava’s Song” by Alice Ziegler 

Alice Ziegler wrote “Ava’s Song” in 2010 for her little sister, Ava. It has very emotional lyrics about her sister’s normal day-to-day routine and how she adores even the littlest of things about her.  It is only available for listening on Youtube which was uploaded by Steven Ziegler.

14. “The Ava Song” by Francis Dunnery 

Francis Dunnery is a British singer and he wrote “The Ava Song” for his daughter, Ava. It was released in 2004 under the album “Welcome to the Wild Country”. The song is about how having a daughter has changed his life for the better and how she brings so much joy into his world.


“OU AVA TROUVE” is a french song by GIØRGIØ BELLØ. It was released in 2018 and it’s his first-ever single. This song is under the EDM genre and although the lyrics are entirely in French, it’s a song people would bop along with.

16. “Ava Maria Morales” by Marty Robbins 

Marty Robbins was an American country singer and “Ava Maria Morales” is one of his songs. It was released in 1963 under the album “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs”. The song is about a Mexican girl named Ava Maria Morales who Marty Robbins fell in love with.

17. “Ava” by Ace Jones 

Ace Jones released a song called “Ava” back in 2016. The song is about how he met a girl named Ava and how she’s different from all the other girls he’s met. He wrote, recorded, produced, and even mixed the song all by himself!

18. “ava rose” by lilbubblegum 

Lilbubblegum is a rapper and “ava rose” is one of his masterpieces that now has over a million views on Youtube. The song is about a girl named Ava Rose who is famous online because of her charming face.

19. “Ava Rose” by Dane Wlkr 

So here’s another song dedicated to online sensation, Ava Rose, which was composed by Dane Wlkr. These songs are typically about how they adore her beauty and how they appreciate her for making content online.

20. “Little Ava Grey” by Michael Finn 

Last but not the least, we have “Little Ava Grey” by Michael Finn. It was released in 2019 under his album “Fighting Darkness With A Candle. The lyrics are all about how much a father loves his daughter and how she brightens up his day.

Final Thoughts

Ava is a name that many people are drawn to and it seems like a lot of songs have been composed in honor of girls named after it. These songs range from country to rap to EDM. If you know an Ava in your life, you can let her know that there are lots of songs with her name on them that you both can listen to together. Thanks for reading!