13 Songs With the Name Gianna in the Title

Songs like “Gianna Oh” and “Gianna Dior” express love and appreciation for the women in the singer’s life who bear the name Gianna. We’ve compiled a list of 13 songs that feature this beautiful Italian name in the title.

Gianna has its roots in Italian and means “God is gracious”. It’s a lovely name with a powerful meaning, and it’s no surprise that many musicians have chosen to incorporate it into their work.

1. “Gianna” by Rino Gaetano 

This Italian song by Rino Gaetano was released in 1978. It is about a guy who is head over heels in love with a girl named Gianna. A music video was released for this classic last 2018 and became a hit with a whopping 7 million views on Youtube!

2. “Gianna” by Fausto Leali · Enrico Ruggeri 

“Gianna” by Fausto Leali featuring Enrico Ruggeri was uploaded in 2016. It is a song cover of Rino Gaetano’s original composition which Leali and Ruggeri sang in a festival show.

3. “Gianna Oh” by Dashiki, DADA’ 

This is another Italian song that was released in 2021. Dashiki is an Italian singer and DADA’ specializes in EDM. You can stream “Gianna Oh” on several platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and Deezer.

4. “Gianna” by A.M.P. · Gaetano S. 

This is the original “Gianna” by Rino Gaetano which was uploaded by A.M.P on Youtube. The percussion is clearer compared to the version used in the music video.

5. “GIANNA” by sincerely solitaire 

“GIANNA” by sincerely solitaire is a type of trap music produced by Neeboy on Soundcloud. It was also uploaded on Youtube in 2021 and now has gained thousands of streams.

6. “Gianna” by Siddharta 

“Gianna” by Siddharta is a rock song in the Slovenian language that was released in 2015. The band is composed of five members and is quite popular in Slovenia. If you’re a fan of alternative rock, you can listen to this song on Spotify.

7. “Gianna” by Johnny Blas 

Another one on the list is “Gianna” by Johnny Blas. It is a Latin jazz salsa instrumental that mainly features a great saxophone performance. This song was uploaded on Youtube in 2016.

8. “Gianna” by Salvo Nicolosi 

Salvo Nicolosi is an Italian pop singer who is known for his covers and original songs. He made a cover of “Gianna” by Gaetano which was uploaded on Seamusica’s Youtube account last 2015 with over 2 million subscribers.


This song by Wolfgang Petry is a German cover of the original “GIANNA” song by Gaetano. It became popular in Germany and it now has almost a million views since it was released in 2012.

10. “Gianna Dior” by Evan Sargent · Mathew Layton 

“Gianna Dior” is rap music by Evan Sargent and Mathew Layton which was uploaded on Youtube in 2020. It has more explicit lyrics compared to the other songs on this list so if you’re not into that, you can skip this one.

11. “Gianna’s Song” by Juliana Grantz 

Juliana Grantz uploaded this original composition on Youtube in 2019. It is an emotional piano ballad about St. Gianna Molla who is an Italian doctor. The lyrics portray her sacrifices and love for the community.

12. “Gianna” by Emey 

Emey is an indie/alternative music singer-songwriter who made an original composition entitled “Gianna” which was uploaded in 2020. He continues to make music and you can listen to it on music platforms like Spotify and Deezer.

13. “Gianna Floyd” by Ciarz 

“Gianna Floyd” is an Italian song by Ciarz in honor of George Floyd’s daughter who was 6 years old when he passed away. It talks about how children are the future and how they should be protected.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 13 songs with the name Gianna in the title. These songs span different genres and countries which just goes to show that the name Gianna is loved by many. If you’re looking for a new song to bop to, why not give one of these a try?