What Genre Is Drake?

Drake, a multi-Grammy Award-winning artist, comfortably resides in the lanes of hip hop and R&B while often veering into pop, soul, and trap. This genre-bending approach not only broadens his musical palette but also redefines what it means to be an artist in contemporary music.

Drake’s multifaceted approach to music has made him a trendsetter, continually evolving his style while leaving an indelible mark on various music genres. His genre-fluid approach not only positions him as a chart-topping artist but also as a transformative figure who continues to shape the future of contemporary music.

Drake’s Predominant Music Genres

Drake’s music primarily finds its home in hip hop and R&B, but that doesn’t mean he stays put. His sound often incorporates elements of other genres, illustrating his versatility and talent for transcending conventional boundaries.

Hip Hop

Drake’s hip hop contributions are marked by his compelling lyricism and fluid flow. His raps often delve into personal narratives and emotional experiences, elevating his style above mere braggadocio and making him a standout figure in modern hip hop.


Though primarily a rapper, Drake is also an accomplished R&B artist. He has an uncanny knack for alternating between rap verses and melodic, soulful choruses, thereby shaking up traditional R&B and pushing it into new territories.

Evolution of Drake’s Music Style


From the raw energy of his initial mixtapes to the polished sophistication of his latest albums, Drake’s musical evolution has been an intriguing journey, keeping fans and critics alike on their toes.

Early Years: Room for Improvement to So Far Gone

Drake first burst onto the scene with mixtapes like ‘Room for Improvement’ and ‘Comeback Season,’ where he explored themes of ambition and struggle. But it was the mixtape ‘So Far Gone’ that catapulted him to fame. This mixtape showcased a unique fusion of R&B and hip hop, becoming the template for his subsequent work.

Mature Phase: Take Care and Beyond

As Drake matured, his music followed suit. His album ‘Take Care’ demonstrated a melding of R&B, pop, and rap, defying the traditional norms of these genres. Recent projects like ‘Views’ and ‘Scorpion’ illustrate a darker, more introspective Drake, testifying to his ability to continually reinvent himself.

Drake’s Impact on Different Music Genres

Drake has not only shaped his career but has had a ripple effect across various genres, making him one of the most influential artists of this era.

Melodic Rap

One of Drake’s most substantial contributions is to the subgenre of melodic rap. By blending emotive singing with rap verses, he’s opened new avenues for what rap can sound and feel like.

Pushing Boundaries in Hip Hop and R&B

Drake’s music often blurs the lines between hip hop and R&B, stretching these genres beyond their traditional boundaries. He’s pushed the envelope, making music that’s uniquely Drake and yet universal enough to resonate across different fan bases.


So, what genre is Drake? The answer isn’t straightforward. He’s a hip hop artist, an R&B singer, and so much more. Through his sounds and words, Drake continues to reshape music, setting new standards for the generations to come.

Drake Featured Image by: The Come Up Show, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons