What Genre Is Sza?

SZA is known for her seamless blend of R&B and Neo-Soul music genres, with her unique lyrical approach often delving into topics of femininity, identity, and introspection. Her music not only captivates audiences but also cements her place as an icon in the contemporary music scene.

In a world saturated with one-hit wonders and formulaic pop tunes, SZA’s versatility as an artist is both a breath of fresh air and a testament to her profound understanding of the emotional landscape that music can explore. This article will guide you through the textured musical landscape of SZA, shedding light on her evolving style and the influences that shape her unique sound.

The Musical Landscape of SZA

SZA’s music is a compelling amalgam of predominantly R&B and Neo-Soul elements, highlighted by her lyrical depth and emotional range. Her music offers a unique sonic tapestry, making her a standout artist in the contemporary scene.

SZA’s music genre: Fusing edgy rhythm with honeyed soul tones, her sound epitomizes the intimacy that’s a trademark of R&B, engaging listeners on an emotional level.

The cornucopia of influences: SZA’s music is a delightful buffet of genres, including jazz, hip hop, soul, and pop. This eclectic blend reflects her diverse musical influences and tastes, ensuring that her music always keeps the audience on their toes.

SZA’s singular style has carved out a space in the modern music arena that is distinctly her own, blending authenticity with a broad range of worldly influences.

The Evolution of SZA’s Style

Artists are not stagnant entities; they evolve, and SZA is a prime example of such evolution. From her early EP “Z” to her seminal album “Ctrl,” her musical style has showcased growth and a deepening complexity that has captivated critics and fans alike.

Early Works

SZA’s initial offerings leaned more into the ethereal aspects of Neo-Soul, allowing her to explore her voice and lyrical prowess. Her EP “Z,” for example, provided a glimpse into her raw potential, capturing the essence of a budding artist finding her niche.

Style Adaptation

As her career progressed, so did her musical style. The album “Ctrl” marked a significant turning point. It presented a matured SZA, whose music and lyrics had evolved to reflect not just her art but her life, its challenges, and its triumphs.

Impact of her Biggest Hits

Hits like “Love Galore,” “The Weekend,” and “Kill Bill” have not only conquered the charts but also delineated her evolution as an artist. They present a SZA who has come into her own, creating music that is both complex and relatable, engaging and enlightening.

The Influences Behind SZA’s Music

Every artist is a culmination of their influences, and SZA is a spectacular example of this fact. Her work draws from a wide range of genres and artists, creating a musical experience that is distinctly her own.

The influence of R&B and Neo-Soul legends: Notable figures like Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill have left an indelible imprint on SZA’s music. Their legacy lives on through her unique tonality and lyrical storytelling.

The sway of different genres: While R&B and Neo-Soul form the bedrock of her music, additional influences from genres like jazz, alt-rock, and electronic music enrich her sound. This multifaceted approach creates a listening experience that transcends the limitations of any single genre.

The impact of personal experiences: Perhaps what sets SZA apart the most is her ability to infuse her own lived experiences into her music. This brings a layer of raw authenticity that allows her to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level.


The genre of SZA’s music is not a singular point but a broad spectrum that encompasses her diverse influences, stylistic evolutions, and rich lyrical content. Predominantly rooted in R&B and Neo-Soul, her sound is a creative amalgamation of various musical elements, all melded together into a unique sonic signature. 

As we look forward to her future projects, one thing remains clear: SZA will continue to evolve, enriching the landscape of R&B and Neo-Soul with her irreplaceable voice and inimitable style.

Sza Featured Image by: The Come Up Show, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons