Beabadoobee Band Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

Beabadoobee may be the moniker of 23-year-old London-based musician Beatrice Laus, but she doesn’t go alone when it comes to live performances. She is accompanied by a talented ensemble of musicians who bring their own flair and expertise to the band’s distinct indie rock sound.

Beabadoobee and the Band

Beabadoobee’s music doesn’t come to life through Beatrice alone; it’s the combined efforts of several talented musicians who join her during live shows. Their collective contributions give Beabadoobee its distinctive indie rock sound.

Beatrice Kristi Laus: “Beabadoobee” herself, Beatrice is the primary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of the band. She is known for her inventive songwriting and unique vocal style.

Eliana Sewell: Taking charge of the bass guitar, Eliana’s deep and robust basslines are an essential component of Beabadoobee’s music.

Louis Semlekan-Faith: As the band’s drummer, Louis is responsible for the dynamic rhythms that are a hallmark of Beabadoobee’s sound.

Jacob Bugden: Last but not least, Jacob is the lead guitarist, whose melodic riffs and hooks add another layer of complexity to the band’s overall sound.

Together, these musicians help create the rich tapestry of Beabadoobee’s indie rock creations.

Beabadoobee – At a Glance:

  • Beabadoobee’s only core member is Beatrice Kristi Laus, a 23-year-old London-based musician, originally from Iloilo City, Philippines.
  • Although Beatrice launched her career as Beabadoobee in 2017, the full band comprises additional talented musicians who assist her during live shows.
  • Surprisingly, Beatrice’s music career began out of boredom during her suspension from school.
  • Beabadoobee has earned several notable accolades, including being shortlisted for the Brit Awards: Rising Star in 2020.
  • Their top songs like “Coffee”, “She Plays Bass,” and “Worth It” have achieved widespread acclaim.

Known for hit songs like “Glue Song,” “death bed (coffee for your head),” and “Worth It,” Beabadoobee has interesting trivia and a set of talented musicians that together create the band’s unique and layered sound. She is accompanied by a talented ensemble of musicians who bring their own flair and expertise to the band’s distinct indie rock sound.

Birthplace, Age, and Early Life

The backgrounds of each of the Beabadoobee band members are as rich and diverse as their music. Let’s delve into the early lives and inspirations that shaped these talented musicians.

Beatrice Kristi Laus (Beabadoobee)

  • Date of Birth: June 3, 2000
  • Place of Birth: Iloilo City, Philippines
  • Move to London: Relocated to London with her family at a young age
  • Initial Interest in Music: Received a second-hand guitar from her father and soon began creating music
  • Unexpected Turn: Her foray into songwriting began during a suspension period from school, transforming her downtime into a creative burst

Eliana Sewell

  • Place of Origin: South of England
  • Musical Influence: Had an early inclination toward music, particularly the bass guitar
  • Joining Beabadoobee: Her passion for the bass guitar and her love for indie rock led her to become a core part of the band

Louis Semlekan-Faith

  • Place of Birth: London, England
  • Musical Awakening: Discovered a passion for rhythm and drumming from a young age
  • Band Involvement: His dynamic drumming style was a natural fit for Beabadoobee’s indie rock sound

Jacob Bugden

  • Place of Birth: London, England
  • Early Interests: Developed a fascination with melody lines at an early age
  • Musical Choice: His curiosity led him to pick up the guitar, which eventually became his professional instrument in the band

Each member’s unique background has contributed to the eclectic and captivating sound that Beabadoobee is celebrated for today.

Trivia and Interesting Facts

For the curious fans out there, here are some intriguing tidbits:

  • Beabadoobee’s stage name came from a username she created for her Finsta account.
  • Beatrice began writing songs during a school suspension, proving that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.
  • The band’s sound takes cues from ’90s bands like Pavement and Sonic Youth.
  • Beatrice has kept her Filipino first name, reflecting her pride in her heritage.
  • Before joining Beabadoobee, Eliana Sewell, Louis Semlekan-Faith, and Jacob Bugden were part of another London-based band called ‘Sunny Day Sets Fire.’

Achievements and Top Songs

Beabadoobee has collected a number of accolades and chart-toppers:

  • She was shortlisted for the Brit Awards: Rising Star in 2020.
  • Her debut album, “Fake It Flowers,” was widely acclaimed.
  • Hit songs include “Glue Song” and “Coffee,” which both gained fame on TikTok, “She Plays Bass,” and “Worth It.”
  • Joined The 1975 in their 2018 Music for Cars Tour as a supporting act
  • Won the Radar Award for the 2020 NME Awards
  • Became a supporting act for Taylor Swift’s 2023 Era’s Tour


From diverse backgrounds and individual musical journeys, the members of the Beabadoobee band come together to create a unique and compelling sound. Fronted by Beatrice Kristi Laus, and backed by Eliana Sewell, Louis Semlekan-Faith, and Jacob Bugden, this band has carved out a significant niche for themselves in the indie rock landscape.

With trivia as quirky as their sound and achievements as resonant as their music, Beabadoobee is clearly a force to be reckoned with in the world of modern indie rock.

Beabadoobee Featured Image by: Bandwagon, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons