What Genre Is The Weeknd?

The Weeknd’s music is primarily classified under the genres of R&B, pop, and electric. His music is known for its dark themes, synthesizer-driven production, and unique mix of various musical styles.

The Weeknd’s music, while rooted in R&B and pop, often breaks genre boundaries. His unique production and songwriting styles are widely recognized in the industry. Not only has it garnered him numerous awards, but it’s also inspired many upcoming musicians to break away from traditional boundaries and explore new soundscapes.

Defining The Weeknd’s Music

The Weeknd is an innovative Canadian singer who captures his fans with an eclectic blend of R&B, pop, and EDM, which makes his music so unique. His music can sometimes blur the lines between genres, bending predetermined definitions and pushing the traditional limitations of each genre.

The Weeknd’s music is mainly R&B. His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics about love and emotions make that clear. You can hear it in songs like “Call Out My Name,” one of his popular tracks.

Pop comes into play in his more radio-friendly songs, where he often incorporates catchy melodies and hooks. This is why his songs “Earned It,” “Can’t Feel My Face,” and “Starboy” became really popular with a wide audience and made him a big star in the mainstream music scene.

Finally, The Weeknd’s music often includes EDM elements like catchy beats and electronic sounds. This adds excitement and makes his albums stand out. His innovative creative process serves as an example of the impact an artist can have when they remain true to their art, regardless of what the standard norms dictate.

Evolution of The Weeknd’s Music Style

The Weeknd’s evolution in his music style is as dynamic as the artist himself. From a moody, minimalistic sound in his early career to his most recent works, his music has evolved while retaining signature elements that have become a hallmark of his genre-melding style.

In the beginning, The Weeknd’s indie mixtapes showcased a moody R&B sound with atmospheric production that delivered a unique artistic statement. One of his famous mixtapes is “House of Balloons,” where he added a darker and edgier touch to R&B. This style is often called “PBR&B” or “alternative R&B,” known for its experimental and dreamy sound.

Transitioning into mainstream success, The Weeknd incorporated a more pop-centric sound. His 2015 album “Beauty Behind the Madness” exhibited this shift, with hit songs like “Can’t Feel My Face” adopting a propulsive, radio-friendly style.

In his recent works, like “After Hours” and “Dawn FM”, he still retains his dark and atmospheric elements but with more 80’s-inspired synths, creating a feeling of nostalgia while still remaining contemporary.


The Weeknd’s music stands out because he doesn’t stick to just one genre. His experimental approach has influenced other artists to be more creative and break the rules. He’s not only made great music but also changed how we see different types of music. His evolution keeps his fans excited to see what he’ll do next.

The Weeknd Featured Image by: Salandco, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons