What Label Is Jack Harlow Signed To?

Jack Harlow, a talented American rapper and songwriter, is currently signed to Generation Now Records. This prominent label has also formed partnerships with Atlantic Records, adding to its reach.

Starting with Harlow’s journey to joining a record label, he initially gained prominence through his successful mixtapes and the viral hit “Dark Knight.”

His unique style, as well as his ability to engage listeners, attracted record label attention. The Louisville native eventually signed with Generation Now Records, propelling his music career to new heights.

Early Beginnings With Private Garden and sonaBLAST

Harlow’s passion for music became evident early in his life, growing up in Louisville. At the tender age of 12, he began rapping, using a Guitar Hero microphone and a laptop to create his earliest tracks.

Together with a friend, they recorded their first songs, producing a CD called Rippin’ and Rappin’, which they sold at their school, Highland Middle School.

Soon after graduating high school, Harlow made a significant move by releasing the mixtape 18 under his own label and music collective, Private Garden. This collective became a creative hub for Harlow and his frequent collaborators, collectively known as the Homies.

Harlow’s first commercial album, The Handsome Harlow EP, was released in November 2015 under sonaBLAST!, a record label led by Gill Holland. This EP kickstarted a period of local popularity, with Harlow performing at sold-out shows in renowned Louisville venues.

Signing with Generation Now and Atlantic Records

In August 2018, Jack Harlow’s career took a decisive turn as he put pen to paper and signed with Generation Now and Atlantic Records. This union of Harlow’s lyrical finesse with the well-established imprint, owned by industry veterans DJ Drama and Don Cannon, marked a significant milestone in his journey.

The announcement of Harlow’s alliance with Generation Now and Atlantic Records was celebrated by the simultaneous release of the music video for his infectious single “SUNDOWN”. This not only affirmed Harlow’s expanding influence but also his readiness to take on a bigger stage in the music industry.

Capitalizing on this momentum, Harlow swiftly followed up with his first major-label mixtape, aptly titled Loose. This mixtape, a kaleidoscope of his versatility and creative prowess, boasted a notable lineup of guest artists including CyHi the Prynce, K Camp, 2forwOyNE, and Taylor.

The project propelled Harlow further into the limelight and validated his place within the major-label realm.


In conclusion, Jack Harlow’s journey from his humble beginnings to signing with Generation Now Records has been fueled by his passion for music, dedication, and undeniable talent. His early projects helped him lay the foundation as an independent artist, eventually catching the attention of Generation Now, which has allowed him to collaborate with renowned artists and gain mainstream recognition.

Fans and music lovers alike can look forward to witnessing the artist’s further growth and contributions to the world of hip-hop.

Jack Harlow Featured Image by: Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons