What Label Is Meek Mill Signed To?

The musical journey of rapper Meek Mill has seen him associated with several major record labels throughout his career. From his initial deal with Grand Hustle Records to his recent partnership with William Morris Endeavor, each has played a significant role in shaping his career.

In this article, we journey through the musical evolution of Meek Mill, focusing on the record labels he has been signed to. These deals underscore Meek Mill’s unwavering resilience and strategic growth, offering an insightful look at his path and his continuous evolution in the rap game.

Meek Mill and Grand Hustle Records

At the dawn of Meek Mill’s career, Grand Hustle Records emerged as the initial stage. Founded by the accomplished rapper T.I., Grand Hustle Records gave Meek Mill a prime opportunity to break into the industry.

However, unforeseen legal challenges arose, cutting this collaboration short and pushing Meek Mill to venture out in search of new horizons.

A Brief Chapter with Maybach Music Group

As one door closed, another opened, leading Meek Mill to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group (MMG). This pivotal transition provided him with the platform necessary to solidify his presence in the music industry.

Through MMG, Meek Mill disseminated numerous successful mixtapes and albums, enlarging his fanbase and staking his claim in the rap genre.

Turning Point with Roc Nation

Arguably, one of the most influential phases in Meek Mill’s journey unfolded with his association with Roc Nation, an entertainment powerhouse founded by Jay-Z. The synergy with Roc Nation expanded his opportunities beyond music to include entrepreneurship.

It paved the way for fruitful collaborations with music luminaries like Justin Timberlake and Drake, further magnifying Meek Mill’s sphere of influence in the industry.

Departure from Roc Nation

In a dramatic turn of events in 2022, Meek Mill made the decision to cut ties with Roc Nation. The rapper’s abrupt departure took the music world by surprise.

Meek Mill took to Twitter to clarify that while he would retain his label imprint, Dream Chasers Records, he was also prepared to manage his business independently to “take risks and grow.”

New Partnership with William Morris Endeavor

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, Meek Mill swiftly established a fresh alliance with William Morris Endeavor following his exit from Roc Nation.

This strategic partnership was specifically tailored to align with Meek’s Culture Currency initiative, an effort aimed at growing his business interests while nurturing his network of artists, athletes, and entertainers.


The compelling tale of Meek Mill’s career journey is one of tenacity and growth. Each record label, from Grand Hustle to MMG, Roc Nation, and now William Morris Endeavor, has offered a unique chapter in Meek Mill’s evolution as a powerhouse in the rap game.

His story embodies the essence of persistent dedication, strategic decision-making, and a profound love for music. As fans and industry insiders alike watch his journey, the anticipation of what lies ahead for Meek Mill’s career continues to build.

Meek Mill Featured Image by: Chris Sikich from Philadelphia, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons