What Label Is Kodak Black Signed To?

Kodak Black is currently signed to Atlantic Records, a renowned record label. However, a report indicated that he may be moving to Capitol Records following the completion of his contract with Atlantic.

Kodak Black and Dollaz N Dealz

Kodak Black’s journey in the music industry began with his signing under Dollaz N Dealz Entertainment, an independent record label. This partnership provided him with a platform to showcase his raw talent and unique style.

Through the guidance of the label’s experienced team, Kodak Black started gaining recognition within his local music scene, building a dedicated fan base.

During this time, Kodak Black released a series of mixtapes that garnered attention and generated a buzz. The internet became a powerful tool in spreading his music and expanding his fan base beyond his immediate reach.

This grassroots success caught the attention of major record labels, and it was Atlantic Records that recognized his immense potential and signed him.

Kodak Black and Atlantic Records

Joining Atlantic Records marked a significant milestone in Kodak Black’s career. With the backing of the label, Kodak Black’s talent and unique sound began to make waves in the mainstream music industry.

Being part of the prestigious label has granted Kodak Black numerous opportunities to create music with top-notch production quality. The label’s extensive reach and network have enabled his music to be heard by a global audience, broadening his fan base substantially.

Ultimately, Kodak Black’s relationship with Atlantic Records has solidified his presence in the music industry, allowing him to thrive and continue honing his craft.

Kodak Black and Capitol Records

After he completes his contract with Atlantic Records, Kodak Black is rumored to be eyeing a new chapter in his career with Capitol Records. The potential move to Capitol represents an exciting opportunity for the rapper to explore fresh creative avenues and reach a broader audience.

With Capitol’s rich history and impressive artist roster, including the recent relaunch of Priority Records under Orlando Wharton’s leadership, Kodak Black could find himself in an environment that embraces his unique style and supports his artistic vision.


Kodak Black’s career has been shaped by his signings with Dollaz N Dealz Entertainment and Atlantic Records, which have propelled his rise to prominence in the music industry. With rumors circulating about a potential move to Capitol Records, the next chapter of his journey holds promise for fresh creative possibilities and expanded reach.

Regardless of the label he ultimately aligns with, Kodak Black’s raw talent, unique style, and dedicated fan base continue to solidify his position as a compelling force in hip-hop.

Kodak Black Featured Image by: Chrisallmeid, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons