Nickelback Albums in Order

Nickelback, a rock band from Canada famed for their catchy tunes and energetic performances, has released nine studio albums, several compilations, and extended plays. Their discography showcases their growth as musicians and highlights their chart-topping hits.

Nickelback’s studio albums, starting with “Curb” in 1996, progressed through successes like “The State,” “Silver Side Up,” “The Long Road,” “All the Right Reasons,” “Dark Horse,” “Here and Now,” “No Fixed Address,” and “Feed the Machine.”

In addition to these, they’ve delivered compilations and EPs that round out their discography. Their music blends elements of rock and post-grunge, often featuring choruses. Nickelback has amassed a large fanbase and achieved commercial success with their radio-friendly rock sound.

Nickelback’s Studio Albums

Nickelback’s discography spans over two decades, with each studio album reflecting their growth and evolution as a band. Here is a glimpse of their studio albums in order:

  • Curb (1996) – Nickelback’s debut album, featuring raw rock sound and establishing their presence in the music scene.
  • The State (1998, re-released in 1999 and 2000) – The band’s sophomore effort, refining their signature post-grunge sound and gaining momentum with tracks like “Leader of Men.”
  • Silver Side Up (2001) – This breakthrough album included the massive hit “How You Remind Me,” propelling Nickelback to international greatness.
  • The Long Road (2003) – Marking a more mature and polished direction, this album contains standout tracks such as “Someday” and “Figured You Out.”
  • All the Right Reasons (2005) – Another multi-platinum record, it features popular singles like “Photograph,” “Far Away,” and “Rockstar.”
  • Dark Horse (2008): Showcasing versatility with tracks ranging from hard rock to ballads, this album includes the hits “Gotta Be Somebody” and “If Today Was Your Last Day.”
  • Here and Now (2011): Reflecting a balanced sound, the album offers memorable tracks like “When We Stand Together” and “Lullaby.”
  • No Fixed Address (2014): A diverse collection that explores various musical styles, featuring “Edge of a Revolution” and “Million Miles an Hour.”
  • Feed the Machine (2017): A heavier, guitar-driven record with songs like “Song on Fire” and the title track, “Feed the Machine.”
  • Get Rollin’ (2022): As the tenth studio album, NIckelback delves into heavy metal and pop rock, with tracks “San Quentin” and “High TIme.”

Compilations and Extended Plays

Nickelback’s discography also consists of notable compilations and extended plays, offering fans an alternative way to enjoy their music. Some of the remarkable compilation albums and extended play releases include:

  • Three-Sided Coin (2002): A compilation release in Japan that features tracks from the albums “The State,” “Silver Side Up,” and “Curb.”
  • The Best of Nickelback Volume 1 (2013): This collection gathers the band’s most popular singles and tracks from their albums, showcasing their versatility and wide range of styles.

Chart Performances and Success

The success and chart performances of Nickelback’s albums have been impressive over the years, yielding a number of hit singles and notable achievements:

  • Silver Side Up (2001): The single “How You Remind Me” catapulted the band to international fame, topping charts in several countries and earning multiple-platinum status.
  • All the Right Reasons (2005): Boasting multiple hit singles like “Photograph,” “Far Away,” and “Rockstar,” the album sold over 11 million copies worldwide and solidified their status as rock heavyweights.
  • Dark Horse (2008): With successful tracks such as “Gotta Be Somebody” and “If Today Was Your Last Day,” the album maintained their high chart positions and further expanded their fanbase.

Apart from these exceptional albums, Nickelback has scored numerous awards and recognition for their work, including numerous Grammy Award nominations, multiple Juno Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and World Music Awards. Their consistent chart-topping hits and sales records make them one of the most successful rock bands in the world.


Nickelback has nailed the art of crafting catchy rock songs. Their music is packed with strong hooks and unforgettable melodies, which is a big part of why they’ve achieved such lasting success.

As we explore their diverse range of albums, from their debut “Curb” all the way to their latest release “Get Rollin’,” it becomes crystal clear why they’ve become one of the most iconic rock bands in the music industry.

Nickelback Featured Image by: JKMusicGroup, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons