Neil Young Albums in Order

Known for his distinctive guitar work, deeply personal lyrics, and high tenor singing voice, Neil Young has made his mark in multiple genres, from folk and country to rock and grunge. His extensive discography is a testament to his boundless creativity and enduring relevance.

Here, we walk through Neil Young’s discography, exploring each of his studio albums, presented in chronological order.

Neil Young’s Studio Albums In Order

From his self-titled debut album in 1968, Young’s career has been characterized by his distinct blend of folk, rock, and country, often infused with deeply personal and politically-charged lyrics.

  1. Neil Young (1968)
  2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969) (with Crazy Horse)
  3. After the Gold Rush (1970)
  4. Harvest (1972)
  5. Time Fades Away (1973)
  6. On the Beach (1974)
  7. Tonight’s the Night (1975)
  8. Zuma (1975) (with Crazy Horse)
  9. Long May You Run (1976) (with Stephen Stills)
  10. American Stars ‘n Bars (1977)
  11. Comes a Time (1978)
  12. Rust Never Sleeps (1979) (with Crazy Horse)
  13. Hawks & Doves (1980)
  14. Re·ac·tor (1981) (with Crazy Horse)
  15. Trans (1982)
  16. Everybody’s Rockin’ (1983) (with The Shocking Pinks)
  17. Old Ways (1985)
  18. Landing on Water (1986)
  19. Life (1987) (with Crazy Horse)
  20. This Note’s for You (1988) (with The Bluenotes)
  21. Freedom (1989)
  22. Ragged Glory (1990) (with Crazy Horse)
  23. Harvest Moon (1992)
  24. Sleeps with Angels (1994) (with Crazy Horse)
  25. Mirror Ball (1995)
  26. Broken Arrow (1996) (with Crazy Horse)
  27. Silver & Gold (2000)
  28. Are You Passionate? (2002)
  29. Greendale (2003) (with Crazy Horse)
  30. Prairie Wind (2005)
  31. Living with War (2006)
  32. Chrome Dreams II (2007)
  33. Fork in the Road (2009)
  34. Le Noise (2010)
  35. Americana (2012) (with Crazy Horse)
  36. Psychedelic Pill (2012) (with Crazy Horse)
  37. A Letter Home (2014)
  38. Storytone (2014)
  39. The Monsanto Years (2015) (with Promise of the Real)
  40. Peace Trail (2016)
  41. Hitchhiker (2017)
  42. The Visitor (2017) (with Promise of the Real)
  43. Colorado (2019) (with Crazy Horse)
  44. Homegrown (2020)
  45. Barn (2021) (with Crazy Horse)
  46. World Record (2022) (with Crazy Horse)

His albums have seen him traverse multiple genres and work with several bands, most notably Crazy Horse, resulting in an influential and diverse musical legacy. His discography reveals an artist unafraid to experiment and evolve, remaining vital and relevant throughout the changing musical landscapes.

Neil Young’s Live and Compilation Albums

Neil Young has also released a substantial number of live and compilation albums throughout his career. Even in these curated and recorded forms, Young’s performances and song selections continue to captivate audiences, highlighting his ongoing relevance and influence in the music world. Below is a list of these albums:

Live Albums

  1. “Time Fades Away” (1973)
  2. “Live Rust” (1979)
  3. “Weld” (1991)
  4. “Arc” (1991) – an experimental album culled from feedback, guitar noise, and vocal fragments edited from live performances.
  5. “Unplugged” (1993)
  6. “Year of the Horse” (1997)
  7. “Road Rock Vol. 1” (2000)
  8. “Earth” (2016)

Compilation Albums

  1. “Decade” (1977) – a 3-LP compilation covering the period from Young’s earliest work with Buffalo Springfield up to 1976.
  2. “Lucky Thirteen” (1993) – a compilation of tracks from the Geffen era (1982-1988).
  3. “Greatest Hits” (2004) – his first single-disc greatest hits album, featuring songs from his solo career and with groups including Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
  4. “The Archives Vol. 1 1963–1972” (2009) – an eight-disc box set that includes previously unreleased studio and live tracks, as well as alternate versions of already familiar songs.

Neil Young’s live and compilation albums represent an essential part of his vast discography. They provide a different lens through which to view his music, capturing the energy and spontaneity of his live performances, and offering new interpretations of his songs.

From a historical perspective, Neil Young’s music provides a fascinating chronicle of the cultural, political, and personal shifts of the times. His albums, whether they are intimate solo recordings, raucous rock jams, or curated collections, bear the hallmarks of an artist who is consistently authentic and creatively restless.

As we look back on Neil Young’s rich and diverse discography, we’re reminded of his enduring impact on music and the generations of artists he’s inspired.

Neil Young Featured Image by: Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons