AC/DC Ages of Band Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

AC/DC, the iconic rock band, has a significant history, punctuated by their ever-evolving list of members, all with varying ages and intriguing trivia attached to them. Their rich legacy, shaped over decades, is a testimony to their endurance and influence in the world of rock and roll.

Key Takeaways:

  • The original formation of AC/DC had brothers Malcolm and Angus Young at its core, with Dave Evans, Larry Van Kriedt, and Colin Burgess joining the fray.
  • Over time, AC/DC experienced numerous lineup shifts, with the most notable being the inclusion of Brian Johnson following Bon Scott’s untimely passing.
  • From Angus Young’s unmistakable schoolboy attire to Brian Johnson’s racing history, the members bring a rich tapestry of stories to the band’s legacy.
  • The ability of AC/DC to navigate challenges while churning out hits reflects their undeniable impact and sustained relevance in the world of rock.

AC/DC Original and Current Band Members: Names and Ages

Formed in 1973, AC/DC began with the Young brothers, Malcolm (20) and Angus (18), creating the backbone of what would soon become a rock giant. Accompanied by Dave Evans (21), Larry Van Kriedt (18), and Colin Burgess (23), this original lineup set the stage for the band’s historic rise.

Today, the roster consists of Angus Young (69 years old by 2023), Brian Johnson (76), Cliff Williams (74), Phil Rudd (70), and Stevie Young (67). The inclusion of Stevie Young, nephew to the founding brothers, filled the gap left by Malcolm’s retirement, a testament to the band’s adaptability.

The Evolution of AC/DC: Member Changes

AC/DC’s evolution has been marked by several member changes, each shaping the band’s dynamic and sound. Just a year after the band formed, Evans, Van Kriedt, and Burgess left, impacting the band’s vocal and rhythm section. This led to the inclusion of Bon Scott as the lead vocalist, whose unique voice became synonymous with AC/DC’s sound.

Moving to the 1980s, the band was dealt a massive blow with the untimely death of Scott. This led to the inclusion of Brian Johnson as the new lead singer, whose distinct voice added a new flavor to AC/DC’s music.

Moreover, issues like Malcolm Young’s health problems in 2014 caused the rhythm guitarist to retire, bringing Stevie Young into the lineup. Phil Rudd’s legal troubles also forced him to step away briefly, despite later rejoining.

Each shift had a significant impact on AC/DC’s music, but the band’s enduring quality remained unchanged, proving their adaptability and resilience in the face of change.

AC/DC Members: Fascinating Facts and Stories

AC/DC’s legacy isn’t just built on thunderous riffs and electrifying performances. It’s the intriguing personal anecdotes and little-known trivia about its members that add layers to their legendary status:

  • Angus Young’s Schoolboy Persona: Beyond being a rock n’ roll powerhouse, Angus Young is unmistakably recognized by his signature schoolboy outfit—a symbol that transcends time in the rock world.
  • Brian Johnson’s Racing Days: Before rocking out arenas, Brian Johnson had the need for speed, once racing in the “Celebrity Challenge” at the Australian Grand Prix in 1981.
  • Malcolm Young’s ‘Beast’: The late Malcolm Young, the rhythmic backbone of the band, had a fondness for the Gretsch Jet Firebird guitar, which he lovingly termed ‘The Beast’.
  • Bon Scott’s Bagpipe Talent: Not many know that Bon Scott knew how to play the bagpipes. The proof? Listen to the bagpipes echoing in the track ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll’.
  • Phil Rudd’s Legal Battles: The turbulence in Phil Rudd’s personal life led to a temporary exit from the band, but like a boomerang, he found his way back.

All these unique elements paint a colorful mosaic of AC/DC’s journey.

AC/DC’s Enduring Legacy and Age

The remarkable journey of AC/DC is a testament to their undying allure and timeless music. Their resilience, despite numerous challenges, has cemented a legacy that’s both influential and inspiring:

Influence Across Eras

Their sound resonates with multiple generations, leaving an indelible mark on blues rock, heavy metal, and hard rock genres.

Timeless Appeal

AC/DC’s continued relevance, appealing to both young and veteran fans, showcases their unyielding spirit in a dynamic musical landscape.

Chart-topping Legends

Their continued success, highlighted by the epochal ‘Back in Black’, showcases their ability to stay relevant regardless of changing musical currents.

A Trove of Honors

Their list of accolades is long—from a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2003 to a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2010.

In essence, AC/DC’s enduring presence in the rock scene is not just about their musical prowess, but an affirmation of their iconic status in rock history.


AC/DC, with their compelling personal stories and undeniable impact on rock music, has carved out an enviable niche in the annals of rock history. Their journey, filled with both peaks and valleys, serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians and a joy for rock aficionados worldwide. Their thunder still rolls, and the legacy continues.

AC/DC Featured Image by: MrBark, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons