Almost Monday Band Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

Almost Monday, a pop sensation hailing from San Diego, has in a short span made waves in the music world. With a line-up of young, talented musicians – Dawson Daugherty, Luke Fabry, and Cole Clisby – they’ve become the embodiment of energetic modern pop while respecting timeless classics.

Key takeaways:

  • Almost Monday members are Dawson Daugherty (lead vocals), Luke Fabry (bass), and Cole Clisby (guitar).
  • Born in the late 90s, these musicians are brimming with youth, now in their mid-20s.
  • Their history ranges from garage band days, a collective love for surfing, and drawing significant influence from The Beatles.
  • Their transparency with fans and unique pop renditions have earned them a dedicated and expansive fanbase.

Who are the Members of Almost Monday?

Emerging from the sun-soaked vibes of San Diego, Almost Monday stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. At its heart, three talented musicians – Dawson Daugherty, Cole Clisby, and Luke Fabry – merge their distinctive skills to craft the band’s irresistible tunes.

Dawson Daugherty

More than just a lead singer, Dawson is the soul of Almost Monday. His captivating presence and unparalleled vocal prowess set the tone, and his voice has become the definitive sound of the band, leaving an indelible mark on every track.

Cole Clisby

With each strum, Cole infuses a depth and richness into the music. His exceptional ability to weave intricate licks and memorable hooks not only defines but elevates the band’s sonic landscape, garnering admiration from fans worldwide.

Luke Fabry

The rhythmic backbone of the band, Luke’s mastery over the bass guitar underpins each composition. Seamlessly blending with melodies, his bass lines form the robust foundation upon which Almost Monday’s pop anthems are built.

Together, this trio’s synergy, individual brilliance, and shared vision position Almost Monday as a shining beacon in the contemporary pop music realm.

How Old are the Members of Almost Monday?

Though they’re a bit mysterious about their exact birth dates, it’s widely believed that all three members were born in the late 90s. This youthful vibrancy shines through their music, making them relatable across different age groups.

Fun Facts about Almost Monday

Almost Monday is not just a band with catchy tunes and charismatic members, but it also has some intriguing trivia that makes their story even more fun. Here are some interesting facts about Dawson, Cole, Luke, and their journey as Almost Monday:

  • From Garages to Glitter: Before the spotlight found them, Almost Monday was carving out melodies in local garages. This grassroots foundation showcases their organic journey from simple beginnings to stardom.
  • The Surfing Symphony: Off-stage, the trio trades their instruments for surfboards. Embodying the true spirit of San Diego, they embrace the waves as passionately as they do their music.
  • Behind the Name: Ever wondered about the sentiments captured in “Almost Monday”? It’s that quintessential Sunday evening essence—a blend of zeal and anticipation for the impending week. This sentiment resonates in the melodies they craft.
  • Guided by Legends: The timeless magic of The Beatles doesn’t just inspire them—it guides them. Revering The Beatles as their “musical North Star”, they imbue their tracks with a blend of innovation and classic allure.

These fun tidbits help fans connect with the band on a deeper level and understand their roots and influences better.


In conclusion, Almost Monday, a trio of young, vibrant talents – Dawson Daugherty, Cole Clisby, and Luke Fabry, have carved a niche for themselves in the pop music scene. With birth dates likely in the late 90s, these early-20-something artists have impressed fans with their maturity in music.

As Almost Monday surges forward, we can look forward to more melodic offerings from this power-packed band that defines the fine line between fresh modern pop sounds and timeless influences.