Air Supply Band Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

Air Supply, an iconic soft rock group hailing from Australia, was initially formed by two core members, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock. Born in 1950 and 1949, respectively, these two musicians have been crafting chart-topping songs and embarking on global tours for over four decades.

As one of the most iconic soft rock bands in the industry, Air Supply has produced numerous hits, including “All Out of Love,” “Making Love Out of Nothing At All,” “Here I am,” and “Lost in Love.” These songs have become enduring classics and are synonymous with Air Supply’s signature style.

Who are the Air Supply Band Members?

Air Supply is a soft rock duo founded in Australia, primarily made up of two key members, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell. They had an encounter in Australia and established the band in 1975.

Russell Hitchcock serves as the lead vocalist for Air Supply. With a distinctive tenor voice and a natural talent for interpreting lyrics emotionally, he’s been one of the defining elements of Air Supply’s unique sound. 

Graham Russell, on the other hand, is the guitarist and principal songwriter for the band. His songwriting skills and musicianship balance perfectly with Hitchcock’s powerful vocals, resulting in a musical synergy that has led to some of the most memorable soft rock tunes of the past few decades. 

Together, these two musicians created a unique, enduring sound that encapsulated the romantic soft rock genre and garnered them a host of dedicated fans around the globe.

How old are Air Supply Band Members?

Russell Hitchcock was born on June 15, 1949, making him 74 years old. His mature yet vibrant vocals continue to impress audiences worldwide, suggesting that age is not a barrier to his talent.

Graham Russell, on the other hand, was born on June 11, 1950, and is 73 years old. Russell’s age is yet another testament to the enduring nature of his songwriting skills, as he continues to pen and perform music.

In spite of their early seventies, Russell and Hitchcock show no signs of slowing down, actively sustaining their musical careers by touring regularly. Such enduring dedication is a rarity among music legends from their era, serving as a testament to their profound talent and unwavering passion for music.

Special Trivia about Air Supply Band Members

While Air Supply’s melodic ballads and unforgettable performances have made them a well-known name in music, there are several interesting facts about members Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock that add depth to their public personas.

Russell and Hitcock’s unexpected encounter gave birth to Air Supply.

Both Russell and Hitchcock met while performing in the Australian production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 1975 and decided to form a band during a taxi ride. This unplanned event marked the beginning of their iconic musical journey.

Graham Russell is a songwriting genius.

In a remarkable burst of creativity, Graham Russell penned Air Supply’s iconic hit “Lost in Love” in just 15 minutes, showcasing his spontaneous brilliance in songwriting.

Air Supply has had multiple lineup changes through the years.

The band experienced a continuous rotation of members on instruments, with Russell and Hitchcock being the sole constants throughout their history. Given their remarkable 48-year career, occasional lineup changes were an expected and natural part of their journey.

Air Supply is a timeless soft rock band that is loved by many.

In the longevity of their careers, they have managed to remain relevant and loved by audiences around the globe, which is a testament to their enduring talent.

These trivia pieces not only showcase the uniqueness of Air Supply’s band members and their careers but also add a touch of personal depth to their iconic status. In essence, even after five decades of creating music together, the duo shows no signs of slowing down, marking an inspiring chapter in the contemporary music scene.


The core duo of Air Supply, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, have been in the music business for several decades, with their ages reflecting their extensive careers. Today, the band’s active presence across various platforms and continued touring schedules clearly illustrate their timeless relevance and popularity. Air Supply’s story is an ode to passion, resilience, and talent, a legacy that continues to inspire and shape the world of soft rock.

Air Supply Featured Image by: MerleEllaPatsy, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons