Cinderella Band Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

Cinderella, a rock band from the ’80s, was formed by Tom Keifer, Eric Brittingham, Jeff LaBar, and Fred Coury. Originating from Philadelphia, they’re known for blending hard rock, glam metal, and blues. With chart-topping albums like “Night Songs,” their legacy remains influential in rock history.

From power ballads to hair-flipping hard rock anthems, the band has left an indelible mark on rock history. But who are the men behind the music? Let’s delve into the band members’ history, unravel their ages, and discover some interesting trivia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cinderella was formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Keifer along with bassist Eric Brittingham, later joined by guitarist Jeff LaBar and drummer Fred Coury.
  • The band’s journey, which began in the mid-1980s, was marked by hit albums like “Night Songs,” “Long Cold Winter,” and “Heartbreak Station”; chart-topping records that highlighted their bluesy hard rock style.
  • Cinderella’s unique style fluctuated between glam metal and roots rock, setting them apart from many other bands of that era.
  • Fun trivia about the band includes the numerous performances at the legendary Philadelphia club, Empire Rock Room and their association with Bon Jovi which catapulted them to fame.
  • Despite multiple breakups and reunions, their music remains iconic to date amongst rock enthusiasts in the era of hair-metal dominance.

Getting to Know the Members

Formed in the quiet suburbs of Philadelphia in 1982, Cinderella comprised four phenomenal talents, each bringing a unique flair to the group. Their ages now, reflecting their experience and journey in the music industry, add depth to their profiles:

Tom Keifer (Age: 62)

The driving force behind the band, Tom Keifer was renowned for his heart-touching vocals and deft guitar playing. Born on January 26, 1961, he wasn’t just the frontman; he also donned the hat of a songwriter, penning many of the band’s hits.

Eric Brittingham (Age: 63)

Eric, who came into the world on May 8, 1960, was the bass powerhouse of Cinderella. Not only did he lay down those rhythmic bass lines, but he also lent his voice for backup vocals. He stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Keifer from the inception of the band.

Jeff LaBar (1963-2021)

A pivotal force behind Cinderella’s iconic sound was the late Jeff LaBar. Born on March 18, 1963, LaBar’s guitar solos were charged with an electric energy that was undeniably his own. His contributions to the band’s musical tapestry remain an enduring testament to his talent and passion.

Fred Coury (Age: 55)

The youngest of the pack, Fred Coury, born on October 20, 1967, took the reins as the band’s drummer. Joining the ensemble in 1985, he brought a fresh vibrancy, ensuring that Cinderella’s anthems had the rhythmic backbone they needed.

As a collective, Keifer, Brittingham, LaBar, and Coury created musical symphonies that etched an everlasting mark in the golden eras of the ’80s and ’90s rock and metal scenes.

Timeline Highlights: Cinderella’s Musical Journey

Spanning decades of iconic rock hits, Cinderella stands as a testament to the dynamism of the rock genre. From their roots in Philadelphia to their ascent to global stardom, the band’s journey was punctuated by groundbreaking albums, shifts in musical style, and a timeless commitment to their craft. 

  • Origin (1982): Cinderella was initiated in Philadelphia by Tom Keifer and Eric Brittingham.
  • Debut Breakthrough (1986): Their first album, “Night Songs,” propelled them to the limelight, boasting chart-toppers like ‘Shake Me’ and ‘Nobody’s Fool.’
  • Evolution (1988): In “Long Cold Winter,” the band showcased a bluesy shift with fan favorites such as ‘Gypsy Road’ and ‘Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone).’
  • Album Release and Hiatus (1990s): Their album “Heartbreak Station” was followed by a hiatus due to personal and professional hurdles.
  • Reunion and Live Album (1997-1999): A brief reunion in these years led to “Live at the Key Club” in 1999, though they paused again soon after.
  • Anniversary Tour (2013): Marking “Night Songs” 25th anniversary, a special tour was conducted.
  • Legacy: While currently inactive, Cinderella’s imprint on rock continues to be revered and celebrated.

Cinderella’s mark on the rock realm remains indelible. As we journey back through their storied timeline, it’s clear that their legacy isn’t just in their chart-topping hits but in the lasting impact they’ve made on generations of rock enthusiasts. 

Trivia and Fun Facts

For fans looking to know more about Cinderella, here are some interesting facts and trivia that make the band even more fascinating:

Jon Bon Jovi Played a Pivotal Role in Cinderella’s Breakthrough

After witnessing Cinderella’s performance at the Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia, rock legend Jon Bon Jovi was so impressed that he introduced the band to his A&R representative. This connection led to Cinderella’s debut record deal, marking their official entry into the rock limelight.

Cinderella Maintained a Consistent Lineup Throughout Their Career

While it’s common for many bands to undergo lineup changes over the years, Cinderella stood out by retaining its core members. Keifer, Brittingham, LaBar, and Coury consistently worked together, creating a cohesive and unmistakable sound that fans grew to adore.

The Band’s Name Had a Spontaneous Origin, Unrelated to the Famous Fairy Tale

Contrary to what many might assume, the band’s unique name wasn’t inspired by the iconic Disney princess. Tom Keifer once revealed that the name “Cinderella” came to him out of the blue one day, and it stuck, becoming the identity of the band.

The ‘Shelter Me’ Music Video Featured Some Renowned Celebrity Cameos

Music videos are often an extension of a band’s creativity, and Cinderella’s ‘Shelter Me’ is no exception. The video is especially memorable for fans due to appearances from well-known personalities like Little Richard and Dweezil Zappa, adding an unexpected twist to the visual narrative.

Cinderella Displayed Their Playful Side With an Mtv Parody Commercial in the Late ‘80s

Outside of their iconic music and captivating stage presence, Cinderella never shied away from tapping into their light-hearted side. Their unexpected and amusing appearance in a commercial for Pat’s Chili Dogs during the ’80s is a testament to their playful spirit, offering fans a delightful glimpse of the band’s off-stage charisma.

These fascinating tidbits not only shed light on Cinderella’s journey but also enrich our understanding of the band beyond their music, painting a fuller picture of their legacy.


The ’80s was a time of audacious style, iconic music, and memorable MTV moments. Among those moments, Cinderella’s parody commercial stands out as a testament to the band’s ability to meld humor with their rock star image. While they were celebrated for their powerful tracks and unforgettable live performances, this playful MTV stint highlighted a different facet of their personality. 

As we reflect on Cinderella’s multifaceted journey, it’s evident that their contribution to the rock music scene goes beyond their hair-metal image, with the music and memories they’ve created still echoing in rock history.

Cinderella Featured Image by: Adrián Pérez from Helsinki, Finland, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons