Kiss Band Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

The world-renowned rock band KISS consisted of unique members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, who took the entertainment industry by storm in the 1970s with their eccentric stylization and engaging stage personas.

Embracing dynamic personalities and ages, each member contributed their unique style to the band, making KISS a sensation known for not just their music but also their intriguing trivia surrounding their personal lives and career evolution.

Key Takeaways:

  • KISS was a world-renowned rock band featuring the original quartet: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, known for their eccentric stylization and captivating stage personas.
  • The band’s current lineup includes Gene Simmons (74), Paul Stanley (71), Eric Singer (65), and Tommy Thayer (63), each with their own unique roles and contributions.
  • KISS’ career has been marked by significant milestones, including their debut album in 1974 and the release of “Destroyer” in 1976.
  • KISS is not just famous for their music; they have an iconic image characterized by black and white face paint and flamboyantly eccentric outfits.
  • KISS didn’t reveal their bare faces until a TV appearance in 1983.
  • The “End of the Road World Tour” started in 2019 and is still going on, marking the end of their journey and leaving a lasting legacy.

Meet the Members of KISS

Let’s get to know the members of the sensational rock band KISS. The band currently consists of a unique mix of original and newer members, all of whom have made significant contributions to the band’s unforgettable sound and energy.

Gene Simmons, 74 years old

Gene Simmons is one of the founding members of the band, born on August 25, 1949. He is known as the “Demon” in the group, playing the bass and doing some vocals.

Paul Stanley, 71 years old

Paul Stanley, born on January 20, 1952, also formed the original KISS lineup. Often referred to as the “Starchild,” Paul combines his rhythm guitar playing with lead vocals.

Eric Singer, 65 years old

Eric Singer came into the band a little later, born on May 12, 1958. He has donned the “Catman” makeup and drums for the group since the early 1990s.

Tommy Thayer, 63 years old

Finally, we have Tommy Thayer, the youngest member, born on November 7, 1960. Tommy, known as the “Spaceman,” took over the lead guitar as well as backing vocal duties in the late 2000s.

The Original Quartet

Delving into the roots of KISS, we find the original quartet that formed the band in the early 1970s and left an imprint that continues to this day. These were the pioneering men who introduced us to the explosive KISS phenomenon.

Paul Stanley was an original member, known as the “Starchild.” Gene Simmons, the “Demon,” also from the original lineup, was the bass guitarist whose unique sound and vocals added an unforgettable flair to their hits.

The initial “Catman,” Peter Criss, who was born on December 20, 1945, was the original drummer for KISS. His distinct rhythmic style was a fundamental part of the KISS sound. 

Also, Ace Frehley, known as the “Spaceman,” was born on April 27, 1951, and was the band’s original lead guitarist. His energetic guitar solos became the identity of the band’s music.

While the band’s lineup has seen changes over the years, the original quartet formed the memorable foundation of KISS, which we still celebrate today. Their unique sounds, combined with their eccentric personas, established KISS as a cornerstone of hard rock music.

Key Dates and Achievements of KISS

KISS has had a prolific career, riddled with key moments that made rock history. Let’s touch upon the significant milestones that have marked their journey thus far.

  • KISS kicked off their musical journey with their debut, self-titled album “KISS,” which was released on February 18, 1974. The album introduced the world to their unique sound and charismatic energy.
  • On March 15, 1976, KISS released their fourth studio album, “Destroyer.” This album was a landmark in their career as it showcased their ability to evolve musically and contained some timeless hits.
  • In September 1978, each member of KISS released a solo album. This rare and unique step was a testament to their individual creativity and skill.
  • A significant achievement was their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. This accolade reflected their impact on rock music and their impressive run as a band.
  • The “End of the Road World Tour” that began in 2019 marks their farewell tour, symbolizing the end of their journey while leaving behind a legacy.

These important dates and achievements have not only marked the milestones of their career but, more importantly, they’ve solidified KISS as a strong rock ensemble in the music industry.

KISS Band Fun Trivia

KISS is well-known for its dynamic music and flamboyant image, but beneath their larger-than-life persona lies a plethora of fascinating trivia and endearing quirks. Here are some fun facts and trivia about the band.

KISS didn’t always have their makeup on.

The unique KISS makeup look wasn’t always set. There was a period between 1983 and 1996 when the band members performed without their iconic makeup.

The KISS Logo was altered due to Nazi symbol similarities.

As part of their brand, the stylized lightning bolt KISS logo is recognized globally. However, it underwent a change in Germany due to its similarity to the notorious SS bolt symbol related to the Nazi era.

The band was masters of merchandising, from KISS comics to coffins.

KISS is synonymous with merchandising. They’ve covered it all, from comic books, action figures, to even a KISS golf course, and a KISS coffin, often referred to as the “KISS Kasket.”

KISS is releasing a biopic on Netflix.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Netflix biopic. Titled “Shout It Out Loud,” this film will give followers worldwide a deeper insight into the band’s journey and rise to fame.


From their unique member personas to their incredible achievements, KISS has made its mark on the world of rock music. All this, combined with intriguing trivia around their unmasking, branding, merchandising, and the upcoming Netflix biopic, makes KISS an intriguing subject beyond their music. KISS immortalizes the power of unique creativity and unflinching spirit, leaving audiences worldwide still craving just another lick of their rock n roll magic.

Kiss Featured Image by: Nashville69, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons