100 Gecs Members (Names, Ages, Trivia)

100 Gecs is a US-based musical duo composed of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, renowned for their groundbreaking experimental music. They specialize in pushing the limits of pop and electronic music, often incorporating distinctive elements that have helped define the genre known as “hyperpop.”

  • 100 Gecs Duo: 100 Gecs is a musical duo composed of two talented individuals, Laura Les and Dylan Brady, who are both producers and songwriters. They have a unique and distinctive sound that pushes the boundaries of pop and electronic music.
  • Dylan Brady’s Contribution: Dylan Brady, born in 1993, is a pivotal creative force in 100 Gecs. He is known for his genre-blending abilities and has worked with renowned artists such as Charli XCX. His openness to various musical styles has made him a sought-after producer and songwriter.
  • Laura Les’s Contribution: Laura Les, born in 1994, is known for her innovative contributions to the hyperpop genre. She has a history of solo music releases and is recognized for her willingness to blend contrasting emotions and genres, contributing to the unique sound of 100 Gecs.
  • The Origins of 100 Gecs: Laura Les and Dylan Brady’s musical journey began in Missouri during their high school years when they met at a house party. Their collaboration started after Laura reached out to Dylan, but they initially had to navigate geographical distance, with Laura studying audio engineering in Chicago and Dylan in Missouri.
  • Creative Dedication and Success: Despite the physical separation, Laura and Dylan persisted in their collaboration, exchanging sound projects through email and refining their unique sound. This dedication led to the release of their debut album, “1000 Gecs,” which gained widespread acclaim and propelled them into the music spotlight. Laura later moved to Los Angeles, closing the physical gap between them and enhancing their collaborative efforts.

The people behind 100 Gecs

100 Gecs is made up of two incredibly talented individuals: Laura Les and Dylan Brady.

  • Dylan Brady, aged 29 (Producer and Songwriter)

Dylan Brady, born on November 27, 1993, is a pivotal creative force within 100 Gecs, contributing to the duo’s distinctive sound. His ability to blend genres and his openness to a variety of musical styles have made him one of the most sought-after producers and songwriters. He has worked with renowned artists, including Charli XCX, and produced tracks that cross several genres.

  • Laura Les, aged 28 (Producer and Songwriter)

Laura Les, born on December 2, 1994, is a musician known for her innovative contributions to the hyperpop genre. She released solo music under the name osno1 and later as Laura Les. Her work often showcased vulnerability and a willingness to blend contrasting emotions and genres. Laura Les continues to be a prominent figure in the music industry, known for her unique artistic vision and contributions to pushing the boundaries of modern music.

Together, they have carved out a niche in the music world, pushing the boundaries of pop and electronic music while helping to popularize the genre known as “hyperpop.”

The story of 100 Gecs

The story of 100 Gecs begins in Missouri, where both Laura Les and Dylan Brady grew up. Their fateful meeting occurred at a house party during their high school years. At this point, Dylan was already making music, which intrigued Laura and left her envious. She left the party that night, but it sparked the idea of collaborating with Dylan, which ultimately drove her to reach out to him.

However, just as they were about to start their musical journey together, Laura left the city to pursue audio engineering studies in Chicago, while Dylan remained in Missouri, continuing to make music through SoundCloud. Dylan’s work caught the attention of other musicians, and Laura continued her studies.

In 2015, their musical partnership took a significant leap when Dylan visited Laura in Chicago. During that visit, they hunkered down and created their first self-titled EP, marking the birth of 100 Gecs.

Their collaboration continued, even as they were physically distant, with Laura in Chicago and Dylan now based in Los Angeles after receiving an offer from rapper Lil Aaron to produce music in the bustling music scene of L.A. Dylan’s decision to drop out of college marked a pivotal moment in his career.

Despite the physical separation, Laura and Dylan kept the creative fires burning by exchanging sound projects through email and working tirelessly to refine their unique sound. Their dedication and innovative approach eventually led to the release of their debut album, “1000 Gecs,” which catapulted them into the spotlight.

Today, with their music gaining widespread acclaim, Laura decided to move to Los Angeles with her husband, closing the physical gap between them and allowing 100 Gecs to work even more closely together.

Fun Trivia and Facts about 100 Gecs

Delving a bit deeper into the world of 100 Gecs, there’s an abundance of interesting trivia and facts about the duo.

  • Laura Les and Dylan Brady originally hail from St. Louis, Missouri. Their paths crossed when they met in their hometown, a chance encounter that would eventually lead to the formation of their musical collaboration.
  • 100 Gecs was a part of Open Pit’s pioneering virtual music festival, “Coalchella,” held within the sandbox game Minecraft. This experience was a unique and pivotal moment for the duo.
  • In addition to Coalchella, 100 Gecs hosted their virtual Minecraft music festival called “Square Garden,” which featured a stage for various artists to perform.
  • Their “1000 Gecs & The Tree of Clues” album features remixes from 21 different artists, including Charlie XCX and Fall Out Boy.

In exploring the world of 100 Gecs, it’s fascinating to uncover these intriguing trivia facts about the duo.


100 Gecs, a pioneering musical duo formed by Dylan Brady and Laura Les, is known for its groundbreaking blend of pop and electronic music, shaping the “hyperpop” genre. Their journey began in Missouri, with their collaboration persevering through distance, culminating in the acclaimed album “1000 Gecs.”

Dylan’s genre-blending and Laura’s innovation have been pivotal in their success, and despite geographical challenges, their creative synergy remains strong. With unique virtual music festival experiences and collaborations, 100 Gecs continues to redefine music boundaries, pushing the envelope in the industry.

100 Gecs Featured Image by: Foto: Andreas Lawen, Fotandi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons